Embodying My Divine Feminine Power

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For most of my life, I rejected my feminine energy and power. I didn’t understand the role it played in my success and who I was being.

Growing up, I learned…

    • Emotions were weak, don’t show them
    • Women are disempowered & don’t have a voice
    • Expressions of femininity equaled sex & objectification

Empowering myself meant…

    • being tough, safe, and strong in masculine energy
    • power came through action & control
    • using feminine energy (emotion or sexuality) to manipulate & get what I want from others

But that left me stuck, disconnected, easily triggered, and feeling out of control.

Taking my power back meant balancing my masculine and feminine energy.  And doing that required healing my inner wounded woman!

Unleashing my divine feminine Alpha energy in a way that reflects my OWN rules, values, and definition of success!!!

I had to…

    • fall in love with the power and strength of her energy and emotion
    • Release control, anger, resentment, and fear
    • Receive the love, money, success, joy, and vitality I desired
    • Follow my pleasure, allowing more fun and freedom

Our inner woman is wounded by…

    • our relationship to mother
    • our relationship with ourselves
    • the generational stories and programming
    • the wounds we carry from women before us
    • a rejection of sisterhood

Healing those wounds starts by becoming the divine Mother of your inner child.

Falling in love with the  powerful WOMAN you ARE!

It’s time to…

    • take off the Good Girl mask and unleash your inner rebel.
    • let go of control and embody your Wild Woman.
    • stop playing small and tap into your Feminine POWER!

All of this is done with BALANCE and LOVE of your empowered masculine.

Balanced energy creates the Influential leadership, greater impact, power, purpose, pleasure, and prosperity you desire!!!

Do you need to embody more of your divine feminine power and trust in your life and leadership?


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