What Happens When You Shatter Your Barriers

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Example #72 of what it means to be InFLOWential!!

This week someone friend requested me on Facebook.

I connected with them in the DMs, simply wanting to learn who they are and what brought them to me.

After some back and forth, we hopped onto a call together so that we could get to know one another better.

Mid-conversation he said, “You’re the missing piece and exactly who I need at my retreats this year. ”

The conversation turned into an invitation to a MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY, just by being authentically ME.

I didn’t go out looking for this opportunity. It came to me…EFFORTLESSLY!

Allowing myself to be raw and vulnerable leads to so many new doors opening.

Because I’m in FLOW.

This is exactly what is possible for you when you make the choice to step into your power and become a REVOLUTIONARY InFLOWential leader.

You open the doors for so much more than you’d expect.

✅ Trust so deep in yourself that you unlock confidence and own your expert, weakening imposter syndrome and nourishing your relationships as a leader, partner, and loved ones.

And when you have that trust, it leads to…

✅ Freedom to embody WHO you are called to be, so that you can consciously choose the life, business, and legacy you desire, and disconnect from everything that doesn’t serve you or your mission.

And with that trust and freedom, you find…

✅ Connection with your community, and the understanding that your success is not all on you, you’re meant to have the support of others…mentors, peers, team, and clients.

All while creating the IMPACT on the world that you’re called to make.

This is what I teach you in the InFLOWential Alpha Leadership Mastery program.

We dig DEEP to identify what’s holding you back…

To the old wounds that you’re struggling to heal.

And together we set you on the path to SHATTERING your barriers.

So you can have everything that you desire.

When you sign up with me, you get:

✅ Group sessions to help you build the foundations, implement your plan, and stay on track
✅ Private VIP sessions for laser-focused support on your customized success path
✅ A members-only community for connection and community with Revolutionaries like you
✅ Exclusive access to curated trainings and tools

You also get unlimited access to THREE coaches to support you…


Jessica Taylor is your energyhealer and soul upgrade specialist, activating your success on the quantum level.

Patrick Lerouge is your guide to transmuting learned belief patterns and releasing trauma stored in our bodies to access greater focus, flow, and potential.

And me – your emotional intelligence and healing coach, here to guide you through owning your identity fully, along with sharing more of your authenticity and power in your life and business.

This is a hybrid program that combines high-level private support with the power of a curated, intimate community for greater expansion.

And right now I have a special offer for those of you leaning into my message.

Only through January 30th: I’m offering the 2020 investment level for the LAST time.

You also get special workshop bonuses, like a private soul healing and a BONUS VIP session.

Become the Revolutionary Leader you are CALLED to be. If you’re ready to claim the life that you desire, reach out to me in Messenger.


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